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Our Program is designed to enhance a student’s self-confidence and encourage independence.

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Stem Academic College is a tutoring centre which was established to provide high-quality education and professional academic coaching for students. We offer private tuition classes to grade 1 until grade 11 and 12.

Stem Academic College is considered as one of the best tuition centres in Cranbourne, as our classes are taught by teachers who have extensive expertise teaching in their individual fields of study. We offer Primary school programs and Secondary school programs for English, Mathematics, Science and Reasoning. 

Our Private tuition centre also offers specialised tutoring for those aiming for scholarships or selective school entry.

tuition centre cranbourne
about stem academic college

About Our College

Based in the south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, Stem Academic College is a tuition centre which was established with the aim of providing high-quality and professional academic coaching for students.

About Us


Stem Academic College provides a wide range of specialised tutoring programs each tailored to the students’ academic level and competence. Our programs include those for primary school kids, secondary school kids, VCE exam preparation and intensive programs for those aiming to enter selective schools. 

University / Engineering-Mathematics-+-Assignment-Help

Uni / Engineering Math

Classes for University / Engineering Mathematics + Assignment Help. From qualified and experienced Mathematics Teacher.

Uni / Engineering Math

What We Do


Primary School Programs

The primary years are the most important ones of your child’s life. This is when they are eager to learn and understand about the world around them.

Secondary School Programs

These programs are targeted for students in grades 7 to 10 and go beyond the basics. We aim to teach and implement advanced concepts and theories which will help them with their studies.

Scholarship Preparation

These programs are targeted for students in grades 5 to 6 who want to prepare for scholarship tests for various subjects. We will focus on areas like Numerical and Verbal Reasoning….

Selective School Exam Preparation

This program is for year 7 to year 8 Students who want to get an entry for year 9 in Melbourne High School, Mac Robertson Girls High School,  Nossal High School and Suzane Cory High School.

John Monash Science School Exam Preparation

This program is designed for students of Year 9 to get an entry in Johan Monash Science School with regular Exam like tests on the following subjects.


Stem Academic College also provides intense VCE tutoring programs for students in year 11 and 12. Our cleverly tailored programs help students in filling any gaps they might have…

4 Sessions of FREE Maths Classes On Sunday

We are offering 4 sessions of FREE Maths classes on every Sunday for grade 1 to 12. Call us for booking, limited number of seats are available!