VCE Tuition

Stem Academic College caters to VCE students with our intense VCE tutoring programs for Year 11 and Year 12. VCE tutoring with Stem Academic College involves helping students fill gaps in their education, helping them improve their SAC results, and getting them ready for final exams at the end of their VCE. Tutoring is conducted by an experienced and qualified VCE tutor for various subjects, including Maths Methods, English, Specialist Maths, Chemistry, Biology and more.

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VCE programs are intense two-year high school courses comprising four units, with Year 11 doing Units 1 and 2 and Year 12 completing Units 3 and 4. Additionally, to complete a VCE course, a student must complete all four units of VCE English, at least three additional subjects at Unit 4 level, and clear the exams of 16 out of 20-24 units. At the VCE level, students must compose concise and fluent essays, understand their research topics and apply all the skills they learned in class to more intense exam settings.
VCE is always a stressful time for students. Our tutors at Stem Academic College understand this well and are here to help.

Our VCE guides have a broad scope of assets and learning tools, from literary analysis pieces to analytical news articles, which helps students with advanced reasoning and vocabulary. We aim to provide valuable criticism on students’ writing, composition and syntax so that the student understands which areas of English need further improvement.

Stem Academic College VCE tutoring comprehensively covers essay planning and imagination, vocabulary building and advanced argumentation skills. These English skills can then be applied to literary analysis, speech writing, persuasive writing and textual analysis – all of which are core units in VCE English.



Whether your child settles on Further Mathematics, General Mathematics, Specialist Mathematics or Mathematical Methods, they will receive expert-level direction with their studies at Stem Academic College. Our VCE Maths tutors are educated at the postgraduate level. They are prepared to help your child understand complex mathematic models, testing conditions and rationale riddles required at this advanced stage of their numerical training.

Our VCE educational course planners and researchers have also singled out typical issue zones in each scientific subject – geometric development and decay in Further Mathematics, Newton’s strategy in Mathematical Models, and Pascal’s triangle in Specialist Mathematics – for exceptional core interests. Every student’s strength and shortcoming will be thoroughly evaluated and inspected, allowing our VCE maths tutors to customise and appraise your child’s core component training.


VCE Science subjects usually carry a certain notoriety. You can be rest assured that your child will be in safe hands with our VCE mentors, who have many years of experience in simplifying complex ideas for VCE students. Science students will receive expert direction with Unit 4 science subjects like VCE Biology, VCE Chemistry and VCE Physics. Tutoring involves infamously troublesome subjects like the crash hypothesis, Faraday’s laws, Einstein’s hypothesis of unique relativity, gene structure, and cellular signals. These all have significant applications in pharmaceutical, medical and engineering fields.

Our tutoring centre for VCE science subjects ensures that your child understands what it means to apply these theories and concepts to real-world problems. We encourage thoughtfulness, understanding and validating genuine information. These skills are integral to evaluated lab work at the VCE coursework level.

Why Choose Stem Academic College?

VCE tutors at Stem Academic College are well-qualified and equipped with the latest teaching techniques. We understand exactly how students feel and can teach them how to perform to the best of their ability.

Our VCE tutoring classes are intended to concentrate on building up knowledge, skills and confidence for VCE tests. We deliberately work through themes, topics and reasoning to give students the right environment to practice their strengths and address their weaknesses.

We produce consistent results with VCE tutoring. We can support you and y our child at this most stressful time and give them the most opportunities to achieve their dream after graduating from high school. For more information about our VCE tutor programs, contact us at 0415 499 744 today.