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Science is an ever-learning subject and there is no age bar for it. From kids to any enthusiastic adult can learn this subject and get fascinated with the theories that it provides.

We understand the importance of science in your kid’s life and this is the reason why we at Stem Academy are offering a myriad of science courses for the students. Our Science tutoring will help in nurturing the inner curiosity of a child and we turn them into young explorers or inventors.

General Topics

Science is a subject with various kinds of topics, streams embedded in it. From the basic gravity principle to the tough dynamics, there are a lot of things that kids need to know. We start off by strengthening the basics of your kids because we believe that a strong foundation will help in building a better interest in the subject. First, we help your kids in understanding the general topics such as gravity principle, human bodies, plants, trees, etc. and then we move on to the advanced topics.

Advanced Topics

As your kid is perfect with the fundamentals of science, our tutors will start inputting complex theories.

There is a theory for everything that is happening in science and our expert tutors will help your kids in understanding those theories effectively.

Primary School Science Tutoring Classes

We start coaching the kids who are of age 6 or above. We build a strong foundation about all the science topics in the 1 to 5 years. This will help your kid to understand the world in an entirely new perspective.

Most of the schools don’t start teaching the kids until they are seven years but we know that kids of 6 years age can understand the primary subject and work on it more effectively. We provide kids with both classroom teaching and hands-on learning experience.

Secondary School Science Tutoring Classes

Our tutors will start helping kids understand the topics better. We start digging into the subjects deeply in order to give a complete picture for the kids. We equip your child with all the tools that they need to excel in a science subject.


Physics has a lot of topics that will leave students fascinated. From understanding the theory of magnetism to analyzing linear motion, there are so many important things that we teach your kids.


Understanding the human body and its behaviour is very important for every kid out there and we know that. Our tuition won’t be limited to the classrooms as we provide your kids with hands-on experience with the human bodies too. From evolution to genetics, we will cover a large set of topics and make your kid understand them with a deeper sense.

Chemistry Tutoring

Our Chemistry classes are a perfect blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Our tutors will provide your kid with the best resources that will help them in understanding chemistry at a much better level.

VCE Exam Preparation

VCE exams are very important and have a big place in our curriculum. We have the best tutors who will help your kids in preparing for this exam.

Our tutors create a perfectly balanced schedule with enough time for both theory and practical examinations. Our program will help your kid in passing with flying colours.

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