Secondary School Programs

Stem Academic college is a secondary school tuition centre. It comes after the primary school programs. These secondary school programs are targeted for students in grades 7 to 10 and go beyond the basics. We aim to teach and implement advanced concepts and theories which will help them with their studies. Secondary school students are on the cusp of grown-up life, yet regularly an extremely long path from having what it takes and certainty they have to arrange life as a grown-up. Stem academic college can tremendously affect these understudies, enabling them to encounter the business world in a grown-up job, through a safe re-enacted condition.

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Secondary Maths Tuition

In secondary school Math tuition, Students will be taught important concepts that they will utilize and apply during VCE. Mathematics is important during VCE so it’s important that students are properly prepared for success in the later years.

Secondary English Tuition

STEM is one of the best secondary school English tuition centre, students are taught how to perform practical skills such as analyzing texts, creative writing and speech preparation. Students are encouraged and taught how to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions.

Secondary Science Tuition

Our Science programs are carefully structured according to the school curriculum and are divided into sections. Each section covers a different concept through concise notes, interactive activities and abstract thinking. Students are prepared for VCE subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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