Maths is a tough subject and there is no denying that. There are so many students out there who suffer to understand mathematics and parents always plan on getting them the tutors to understand maths. Maths tutors have become an integral part of shaping a student’s future and you can get a dedicated maths tutor at Stem Academy. We have tutors who are dedicated and provide students with an array of courses. Our tutor’s experience and expertise in the subject has made them a go-to option for so many students. We turn the fear that students have towards maths into love. 

We incorporated the modern tutoring methods and assessment tests which will help in building up your child’s confidence in maths. We believe in delivering the results and you will see the difference in your child’s performance in maths very clearly. We also provide students with various maths assessment papers which will help in building up their knowledge of the subject.

General Topics

The first thing that we will start with here is the general topics. From additions to geometry, there are so many general topics that usually worries the students. We provide a comprehensive guide that will make all of these general topics easy. Therefore, Our tutors believe that one can excel at maths only when they are perfect with the basics. Tutoring students with basics is going to go a long way for the students too. 

Advance Topics

As we lay a suitable foundation for the basic general topics, it becomes easy for the students to understand the advanced topics. Maths is never a complex subject and one just need to get a grip on the topics in order to excel in them. Our maths tutors will make it easy for the students to understand and analyze these topics in a better way.

Primary Level Maths Syllabus

The young students need some new techniques to understand what you are saying. We use colourful and engaging methods that will draw the attention of children. These students need to be focused on the topics and we do that by providing them with the required support. Moreover, We have proven methods to teach various branches of maths to the students.

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics and Probability

These are the three topics that are covered in the primary level maths class.

Secondary Level Maths Syllabus

Secondary level is going to be a bit tougher than the first one. This is the reason why we have designed the classes pretty carefully. Our study program will help in supporting complex maths problems like Matrix, Calculus, Algebra, Logarithm and more. Students are prepared to tackle the exam conditions and stress too. The time pressure during exams is real and we prepare the students to handle that time effectively. In addition to that, Our time management techniques are proven to be effective for students. Our Maths tutoring tries to incorporate creativity while teaching maths concepts.

VCE Maths Preparation

We offer great support for the students who are preparing for VCE. Our maths tutors with high qualifications will help in making the students understand the subject at a deeper level and help them excel in the exams.