math tuitionenglish tuitionscience tuitiontuition centre in cranbourneFive factors considered for selecting the tutor for your child

Choosing a tutor for your child requires much research, you have to persuade your child into it. Additionally, talking positively about the need for tuition to your child. Many questions may come in your mind while choosing Mathematics tuition in Cranbourne or English tuition in Cranbourne for your children. 

Let us find out factors that can help you in selecting the right tutor for your child:

Tutors Knowledge 

The first and essential aspect is the knowledge of the tutor in the specific field where your child needs attention. Thorough understanding of the stream along with current knowledge is fundamental in the secondary level. However, it is not an issue at the primary level.

Tuition Budget 

Budget for tutoring is also an essential aspect in selecting a tutor. More experienced tutor with the highest degree will have higher pricing than a tutor who is just a graduate. Additionally, individual tuition and small group tuition are more expensive than extensive group tuition. Similarly, online tutoring is less costly than face-to-face training.

Tutors Experience 

Another critical point to remember is the experience of the tutor, along with its qualification. Most parents would opt for more experienced teachers for their child; however, in some cases, a less experienced person can also teach well. Highly qualified teachers can provide a better result in terms of knowledge.


Flexibility is also another important fact that comes in mind when selecting a tutor, tutors who can teach two subjects are more flexible. For example, a Math & English tutor can be the same person. You can also ask for the recommendation from the teachers, principal or another parent.

The Comfort Of A Child 

Comfort of the child is also essential while selecting a tutor and your child should feel comfortable with the tutor, tutor having similar interest level can be preferred here. For more transparent conversation, a child may prefer someone younger. Some of the parents can prefer an organised and more organised person. Additionally, some may prefer a tutor where a parent can easily communicate.


To increase the self-confidence of your child and enhance the knowledge you can select the tutoring services from Stem Academic College, which has expertise in teaching various subjects like English, Science and Math’s and is one of the best tuition center in Cranbourne.

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