Are you in search of an experienced English tutor Cranbourne? Then you have come to the right place. Stem Academic has the best English tutors who have extensive experience and knowledge in the English language. Our tutors are trained and have a master’s degree in the language. We train your students for the better tomorrow and ensure that they master the language within no time.

We provide our English tutoring services across Cranbourne. 

Topics That We Cover

As said, our tutors have extensive experience in all the fields of English. Hence, we cover a lot of topics which are very important for your children future.

  • Power Writing
  • Pronunciation
  • Literature 
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Essay Writing
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Speaking skills
  • Sentence Structuring
  • VCE Preparation and Exam Methods

Primary English Tuition From Year 3 to Year 6

The primary English tuition is pretty important for children. Our tutors ensure that they impart all the basic grammar skills to the students. Our English tutor conduct vocabulary exercises and discuss the sentence structure with their students. We aim in making our students write and read in perfect English by the time they are 6. Hence we try different interactive and fun ways to make them understand and learn the language.

Secondary English Tuition From Year 7 to Year 10

The strong foundation skills from primary classes will help students understand things better at the secondary level. The main thing that is emphasised in this stage is the writing style. We give students an option to express themselves through their write-ups. We don’t want the students to write correctly, we want them to write well, and hence our main focus will be on encouraging them to pen their thoughts as much as possible. From news summaries to fictional stories, students will write everything in their own words. 

Then we bring in the critical reading concept. We want students to learn and understand the metaphors, allusions and rhetorical devices with ease. They will test tested by giving some text, and students have to identify the weak points in this test. This way, they will learn how to analyse the things that they are reading.

VCE English Tuition Classes For Year 11 to Year 12

VCE Exams are essential for students, and we understand that. This is why we conduct research on papers from some years and provide tutorials regarding those questions. We prep your students for the exam perfectly and equip them with various skills to succeed in the exam. Persuasive writing is an art, and we ensure that our students are perfected in that. Formulating essays, designing a thesis, and identifying the logical flaws present in written statements are the main aspects we teach our students. 

Along with them, they learn deduction and reasoning too. This will help them in gaining communication skills along with great argumentative skills. 

The study program for the English language has