John Monash Science School Exam Preparation

This program is designed for students of Year 9 to get an entry in Johan Monash Science School with regular Exam like tests on the following subjects:-

  • Mathematics(30 minutes 60 questions)
  • Numerical Reasoning(30 minutes 50 questions)
  • Science Reasoning(30 minutes 30 questions)
  • Scientific Written Expression
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The first step of admission is a written test, after that when you pass the test then you have to submit a written profile about yourself.

After that, you are welcome to the school and put through some gathering activities. Typically the gatherings have 8 individuals, and 2 individuals from each gathering wind up being admitted to the school. These are only some observation they don’t reveal it.

After the gathering activities, there is a typical meeting. The questioner audits your profile and asks some basic questions.

The whole examination is optimized to find students who are good in academic performance and also interested in science and technology.

The test isn’t difficult much and individuals shouldn’t pressure much about it. There will be ‘those’ questions that will prompt a snapshot of mental clarity, and some maths and science questions required at your level.


Stem Academic College has the best teaching staff which are expertized in their own fields and have sufficient knowledge of each field/subject very well which will help in

John Monash science school preparation and you will get the desired result if you sincerely study according to them.

John Monash Science School Exam Preparation